Designtec have established strategic alliances with a number of suppliers that enable us to offer our customers customised solutions.

Providing quality product and promoting sustainability are two integral parts of Designtec’s strategy and our partners and suppliers play a key role in both. Designtec make a conscious effort to partner with like-minded partners who conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our own corporate ethics and values. Designtec continue to source Australian made raw materials and hardware and only when we can’t achieve this we look for an alternative product that will ensure the integrity of our finished product that meets our warranty, sustainability policy and corporate ethics and values.

Officeworks is Australia's leading retailer for Office Supplies, Stationery, Office Furniture, and much more. Officeworks are proud suppliers of our Australian Made flat pack range of office furniture, Velocity.

Laminex is Designtec’s largest supplier for composite wood products. Laminex’s commitment to their ‘Greenfirst’ initiative drives a sustainable product solution and reducing environmental impact. Designtec is an industry leader with regard to product sustainability and has partnered with Laminex to drive change to further enhance our products sustainability credentials.

Häfele is the leading international manufacturer and supplier of furniture fittings and architectural hardware, with subsidiaries in 150 countries. Häfele's furniture fittings (hinges, drawer systems, handles, connectors, ambient lighting), architectural hardware (door hardware and electronic locking systems), and other related fittings are specifically designed for the furniture, building, and hardware supply industries.

Surteco operates in the world of creative design, printing high-quality decors and developing technologically sophisticated surfaces in order to manufacture products that can be processed further to create very robust and resilient surfaces. Surteco is one of the leading specialists for surface refinement.

Polytec is a distributor of decorative surfaces dedicated to providing the finest quality products. Across the industry, Polytec is recognised for innovation, craftsmanship, customer service and the use of quality materials.

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