Designtec Commercial Furniture specialises in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of quality commercial furniture, joinery and project fit-outs to government, industrial, commercial, aged-care and education sectors.

Designtec holds over 25 years worth of extensive knowledge and industry experience. Designtec is an innovative and progressive company dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the preferred supplier and service provider of choice through an absolute commitment to reliability, quality, innovation and the maintenance of optimum lead times. Designtec is committed to an honest and trustworthy approach to business relationships; in particular to forging genuine strategic alliances that are based on trust, understanding, transparency and mutual benefit.

The Designtec brand stands for commercial furniture that really works. Furniture that works for the functioning of commercial space, works for the aesthetics, works to fit install times, and works to fit the customer’s budget.


Designtec is guided by four core values which form the foundation of our business operations.

Commitment We provide absolute commitment and accountability to all stakeholders.

Integrity We conduct all business interactions with honesty and integrity.

Sustainability We will ensure the safety and protection of future generations through sustainable initiatives.

Quality We refuse to deliver anything but outstanding product and service quality.

Why Designtec

Australian Owned

We are an entirely Australian owned company with 100% control of all our operations. Our direct autonomy ensures we consistently deliver the highest standard of quality and service, which allows flexibility and adaptability with a guarantee to be able to meet the demands of our customers.

Australian Made

Designtec is proudly Australian made and owned. We are committed to contributing the growth and sustainability of local industry and the wider community. Our product is manufactured in Western Australia at our purpose built 6500m2 facility which is amongst the largest and technologically advanced in Australia.

10 Year Warranty

At Designtec we refuse to deliver anything but outstanding product and service quality. We will not compromise on quality and that is why our product is backed by a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. This is a testament to our complete assurance for quality.

PEFC certified

As a PEFC certified company, Designtec ensures that the paper and wood based materials used in our products come from responsibly managed and sustainable sources. This certification helps protect forests, wildlife, and the livelihoods of local communities


Celebrating 10 years of Positive Climate Action

Designtec is committed to minimising adverse effects on the environment. Designtec’s people, manufacturing facility, products and services are always searching for innovative ways to look after the environment.

Since 2007, Designtec has taken positive climate action with the purchase of carbon credits that go towards offsetting its carbon footprint. In partnership with Carbon Neutral, Designtec have also purchased 994 mixed native Australian trees and 4,115 tonnes of carbon offsets – and counting!

To date Designtec has cumulatively contributed to

994 trees and suburbs
in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor .
4115 tonnes
of CO2-e offsets through offset programs

This year, Designtec are helping to finance stopping the deforestation of degraded-to-mature forests in the Amazon rainforest, a critically important ‘carbon sink’. This (internationally certified) project also generates net positive impacts on the social and economic well-being of the local communities who derive livelihoods from the project area.

Designtec’s vision is to eliminate all negative environmental impacts of our products and services.  Designtec has implemented an Environmental Policy that supports our vision and has a clear, decisive perception including on extensive approach. Designtec have a multi-disciplinary team of staff who implement and evaluate all of our environmental activities.  Whilst we continually work to permanent improvement of our environmental credentials in our products and processes, we understand that there is still a way to go in achieving our goals.


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Our Facility

Designtec delivers world's best practice in commercial furniture engineering.

At our facility in Western Australia Designtec operates a 6500m2 manufacturing site. Designtec's facility is custom designed with HOMAG Group machinery, recognised globally as the technology leader for industry manufacturers.

Our investment in manufacturing has been unrelenting, this gives us control, ensures quality and integrity of products, flexibility when running one-off pieces to high volume runs of production.

Our precision engineering, technology and superior system processes ensure we consistently deliver premium products and service, and we are passionate about challenging ourselves to evolve the company through continuous improvement.

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