Thank you Rita Mittica from Laminex for our special mention in Laminex’s recent newsletter.

“Designtec generously embraced an opportunity to reach out and help a charity that I’m passionately an advocate of. It began from a conversation over a business lunch one day when asked what I was doing on the weekend, to which I replied … “I’m going to attend a fundraising event for a children’s not for profit organisation called House of Hope Africa (HOHA); newly established by friends of mine.” Michael Mesiti is a childhood friend of my family and together with his wife Christine are an inspiring and formidable couple following their calling to help those less fortunate. They have left their home in Perth and relocated to Africa to follow their hearts and destiny. Michael and Christine have a powerful passion for their organisation and I’m so proud of the wonderful work and achievements they have accomplished.

From an organic conversation I soon found myself accepting Designtec’s keen willing-ness to help by offering to donate a desk and furniture to assist HOHA set up their school office. Before I knew it, I was arranging transport to a shipping container bound for Lusaka Africa. To say I was blown away with the generosity of Designtec is an understatement. I was truly humbled and so grateful that they wanted to lend a helping hand towards something that was so close to my heart.

By reaching out to help me personally, they have impacted and benefited the lives of so many needy women and children. Harboring the spirit of community and “helping the one in front of you” is a motto of HOHA and Rita Campbell and the team at Designtec demonstrate that #togetherwecandomore.\

House of Hope Africa is a not for profit organisation established to help equip, empower and strengthen vulnerable women, children and families within the community implementing a number of programs to assist people to be released from the effects of poverty. Programs such as Educate Africa, Medical Health and Hygiene and Emergency Support and Relief.”