The modern office should allow for the ultimate customer experience, whilst remodelling how your employees interact with each other. And it should optimise the very space where innovation begins, nurturing the ideas and morale of those busy innovative minds. Every business is looking for ways to boost their daily crop; but too many executives aren’t realising their productivity is sometimes out of their employees' control. Oftentimes it’s the simplest environmental changes that put your business’ game plan into effect.

1.Designate Diverse Areas Within Your Office

The daily grind can get a little tedious; so by introducing areas where your employees can either brainstorm ideas or take time to regenerate, you’ll help break up their day and encourage more effective time management. It’s so important to keep the level of engagement in the office high, and you can expertly do so with your office fit out project design and management.

Allow your coworkers to take a well deserved break from the pressure of looming deadlines with some clever ideas for your break room is so important for building on your working relationships and charging those batteries with some downtime. Be sure to give it some personality with some unique lighting fixtures, feature walls and ceiling works.

2. Employ Colour Psychology

Let colour be the crème de la crème of your office fit out with an inspired scheme to get those creative juices flowing. Studies have shown colour has poignant associations, and you will need to elicit the right response from your coworkers and clients. Worker performance is highly dependent on the hues and tones demonstrated to work up the right atmosphere. Remember — colour can affect how you do business, so use this knowledge to your advantage and let your fit out speak for itself.

Give bland, dull representation the flick and brush up with some vibrant, stimulating shades. Your choice will depend on the mood you wish to evoke. Think shades of orange to stimulate creativity, and blue to keep employees in high pressure roles cool, calm and collected. So choose wisely for what you want out of your business, and what you wish to see from your employees.

3. Communicate More With An Open Plan

Communication is key to the success of each and every business; and you should plan for your future endeavours with an office design project that’s limitless. An open plan invites your employees to collaborate with each other and further emphasise an egalitarian working environment.

A flexible office partitioning solution is a fantastic way to delegate zones without closing off ideas. You can incorporate breakout areas within your open plan for some impromptu knowledge exchanges that won’t disrupt the other employees. Ensure your fit out is well lit with proper ventilation — you can improve natural light and air quality by fitting out large windows to support attention spans with enough oxygen to the brain.

4. Implement Lockers, Shelves And Cabinets

A productive office is an organised office, and an organised office will no doubt leave a good impression on your clients and coworkers. If your office space is small there are a number of storage solutions for your office fit out to reduce clutter and store all your important documents.

5. Create And Inspire Brand Awareness

The overall look and feel of your commercial premises is one of the best ways to communicate your corporate identity. So it’s important to sell your brand to your staff and customers with a well-executed fit out design that speaks volumes for your establishment. Make your ideals known and invest in some brand-specific lettering and artwork or characteristic wall finishes to underpin your company’s vision and overall image. Incorporate some playful interactive features like custom-built sculptures or furniture which effectively showcase the purpose of your business — this can set your organisation apart in the minds of clients. Consider bold fixtures and fittings to further transform how your employees work.